March 6, 2009

I've got my eye on you..

Ever wonder who's reading your posts? You may have noticed that at the bottom of each district blog there is an icon called "Sitemeter". Sitemeter records the location of your readers around the globe so you can see what audience you're reaching. Click on the Sitementer icon to generate information about your latest blog readers.

Posting a wide variety of Rotary topics (noun words) and posting words in the labels section of your post, will help to attract new readers. The broader your message the more likely you'll generate readers from afar.

Beauty is only skin deep...

Getting tired of how your blog looks? Maybe you need to change templates? Making template changes is a snap! At the top of your blog, click on customize and then click the layout tab. On the layout page you have an option to change templates. Don't worry about formatting, Google handles it for you. You'll have to experiment a little since some template work and feel better than others. Nothing will be lost in this process and if you want to return to the original template you only need to click on that option. Have fun!

March 4, 2009

Missing Link..

Your club blog is highly flexible and can support all kinds of links from various websites. Adding links gives your reader the opportunity to read more about a topic and the good news is... you have very little to type. All you need to do is highlight some text in your article (see "blog" above) and then click on the hyperlink button next to the text color button above. A window will pop up where you insert the link address. Done.. now try it out on this post.

March 2, 2009

Up to speed

Having a user group like this, is the best way to get yourself up to speed with how blogs work and how your club gets the most out of your new blog. This blog is your opportunity to tell other district bloggers what you've found, what you've experienced or even how to get help developing your club blog.

Make a post here today. Tell us what you think, share a find or ask for help. This is the best place to learn.

March 1, 2009

What's in a number?

Creating numbers of posts on your blog is a certain way to make sure your blog is getting the readership it derserves. The quickest way to lose a reader is by not keeping them informed. This is why when we presented to your club, we requested a minimum one post per week - A minor task.

Additionally, having numbers of members that post to your club blog will spread the work load, create alternate views and a variety of styles for your readers. The more the merrier in the world of blogs and it keeps things fresh.
Having a numbers of topics on your club blog will also assure that readers will return. Did someone have a birthday? Travel on a project or vacation? Did you have a guest speaker at your last meeting? Do you have club pictures to share? These are all excellent topics for your blog. Tell the world - invite them to read about your club!

February 27, 2009

I'm not a follower - I'm a leader?

Ok, not to insult anyone, you're all leaders in my book! In Googles eyes, the more followers on our blog, the more readers you generate. If you notice on the sidebar, theres's a spot where you can tell the world that you're following a blog. Generally speaking, most people want what others have. In my opinion, if there are many followers on a blog, you attract many readers since visitors will wonder what they're missing. Human curiousity rules.

So what does it mean to say your a follower on a blog. Probably nothing actually, but it will entice others to sign up and read your posts. To date I haven't recieved anything in the way of spam or emails so it's a painless activity that can yield big results. Be a follower today!

February 25, 2009

If a picture's worth a thousand words....

What's a video worth?? Well, it's simple to find out. You can take a video from your camera or phone (preferably with audio), then link it to your blog post from your computer. This will allow your readers to connect to your story in a whole new way.

Videos about club events such as new member inductions, fundraisers, guest speakers all help to add another dimension to your club or project. It also makes it easier to convey your message while creating a far reaching audience.